How to setup conda (April 2023 version)

There have been some recent changes to the conda/mamba ecosystem, see obligatory xkcd. This is my current way of creating a fresh install of conda. Setting libmamba as the conda solver should allow you mamba-like speed, while at the same time letting you just install programs like `conda install`.

  1. Install miniconda
    1. wget
    2. bash
  2. Set libmamba as the default solver –
    1. conda update -n base conda
    2. conda install -n base conda-libmamba-solver
    3. conda config --set solver libmamba
  3. Set channel priorities –
    1. conda config –add channels defaults
    2. conda config –add channels bioconda
    3. conda config –add channels conda-forge
    4. conda config –set channel_priority strict

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