This blog reflects the practicalities and impracticalities of working at the intersection of public health microbiolgy and bioinformatics, and whatever else I fancy posting about really.

I worked/studied gastrointestinal bacteria at Public Health England for 8 years, and now I’m working on fungi in Old Street/Vietnam.

In addition to myself, there are also occasional guest posts from Lauren Cowley.

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  1. Dear Bits and Bugs Team,

    The free metadatabase OMICtools: An informative directory for multi-omic data analysis has been recently published in the DATABASE journal. (Henry et al., 2014).

    OMICtools (www.omictools.com) is a free metadatabase for genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and metabolomic data analysis. All tools have been classified by omic technologies (NGS, microarray, PCR, MS, NMR). OMICtools is expected to serve as a useful didactic resource not only for bioinformaticians, but also for experimental researchers and clinicians.

    OMICtools can help a) experimental researchers/clinicians find appropriate tools for their needs b) developers to stay up to date and to avoid redundancy c) funding agencies to ensure that the submitted projects are high value-added. Do you want help us to improve OMICtools?

    OMICtools is an on-going project with many possibilities for interactions.

    We think that your reader could be interested by this new educational tool. I contact you to know if it would be possible to communicate this information.

    Comments, questions and feedback about OMICtools and missing software are most welcome.

    Kind regards,

    Vincent Henry (PhD)
    OMICtools associate coordinator

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